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Unparalleled Staffing Knowledge

Meet our Staffing Agency professionals and let them know how they can be of service to you. Whether it is a job you’re looking for, or additional employees, our experienced team of highly qualified specialists will help you in all of your employment needs.

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Mr, Miltone Nyambu


A member of our team of experts since HiQnursing Care Professionals first opened its doors, Miltone Nyambu is a leader in the field. Job seekers and employers who meet with Miltone benefit from the vast knowledge shared during each visit.

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MR. Zacarias C Buhuro

Recruitment/Credentialing Specialist

Our Recruitment Administrator is here to identify your professional and personal goals. Zacarias Buhuro is a true expert and we are so lucky to have such an incredible member on our team. Reach out to Zacarias Buhuro  today.

Zacarias Buhuro  is a pro at sourcing employers and candidates for highly-specialized jobs. If you’re looking for a specialist in a certain field, simply explain your details and Zacarias Buhuro will do the rest. Rest assured you’ll be unequivocally satisfied. Any issues related to CGFNS/NCLEX/English test exams and licensure Zacarias is an expert.

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Zala Gnyambu

Transition and Nursing Skills validator Specialist

Zala validates nursing skills so that our employers get highly qualified healthcare professionals. Also she is a valuable team member who help in transition and ensure our foreign train healthcare professionals are equipped with information and resources that will ensure smooth transition 

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